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fabulously disruptive

Toy Box is a world class disruptive brand lab led by a team of artists, product developers, marketing pioneers & business experts with a proven track record of bringing consumers ground-breaking, innovative, and emotionally charged products and experiences that inspire, elevate, and deliver on their promises. In our co-founder, Jerrod’s words, “That’s how you change the world!” and changing the world is what Toy Box Brands is all about. Authenticity and transparency are as important as oxygen and at the core of our company values.

No dirty little secrets or ingredients here. We answer to you, ourselves and a higher standard!

We vow to do better for ourselves, for you, for animals, and our planet without ever sacrificing performance.

We’re not stopping here though, we are committed to continuously learning and seeking out more information, manufacturing partners and resources that will allow us to continually improve our products, your experience and the world while reducing our impact on the planet.