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The Boys are back

With their motto 'F*ck Average, Be Legendary' along with Jerrod Blandino’s legendary creative vision and Jeremy Johnson’s strategic business genius, this dynamic duo creates cutting-edge, disruptive, emotional, empowering, and authentic brands that resonate with people around the world. As Jeremy puts it, “people feel the most themselves in our brands because they have heartbeats”.

This dynamic duo met and fell in love in 1995 while working behind the cosmetics counters of Estée Lauder & Chanel respectively. Two short years later they changed the beauty industry forever by founding Too Faced Cosmetics; one of the most successful cosmetics brands in history. Jerrod and Jeremy are famous for creating the world’s first glitter eyeshadow, the best-selling lip plumper of all time and the iconic Better Than Sex Mascara that started the pink tube mascara trend.

Jerrod and Jeremy sold Too Faced to the Estée Lauder Companies for a record breaking $1.45 billion in 2016 solidifying themselves forever as two of the most successful cosmetics founders in history. An instinctive ability to spot and create trends, legendary rebellious creativity, unparalleled innovation, and razor-sharp business instincts are trademarks of the power couple. This one-of-a-kind consumer product house is designed to disrupt beauty and beyond by developing world class brands for the modern world.